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Charles Moses

 General Manager

General Engineering & Electrical Principals His career spans over 50 years working in various offshore and on-shore, installations and industries. Charles has vast experience working on installation and maintenance across various industries spanning petrochemical installations, offshore gas compression installations, and other marine industry installations from 1980 until 2014. He has managed various projects across West Africa and Asia over 34 years working in various roles and capacities from Chief Electrician and assistant Chief Engineer in the McDermott Group till 1993. At McDermott ETPM JV in West Africa as Maintenance Superintendent, carried out to Naval Architect drawings, maintenance upgrade and repair of cranes, vessel dry docking equipment and crane upgrades (up to 1000 tons), electrical equipment and systems, troubleshooting of satellite communication systems, responsible for the Installation and setting up of Tension Machines for sub-sea pipe line installation across various countries in West Africa.